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Our Team


Our LAUNCH Specialists are not simply life coaches, nor are they individual therapists. They are near-age peers who have recently traversed the developmental stages of young adulthood.

LAUNCH Specialists are bachelor’s and master’s prepared behavioral health professionals who are supervised by the Springboard Momentum Director who is a licensed psychologist with experience in assessment, family systems brief therapy approaches, career guidance and adult development. LAUNCH Specialists seek consultation weekly through their consultation team. Goals and interventions are evaluated and ongoing training and professional development is provided.

Springboard Momentum neither replaces nor alters the key-working role of an Individual Therapist or other behavioral health providers. LAUNCH Specialists make a distinction between the roles of other providers and their work with participants. The Director consults with participants’ who have individual therapists and other providers in the community to ensure coordination of services and consistency in goals and strategies. LAUNCH Specialists may assist participants in carrying out between therapy session homework assignments when appropriate.


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