Our Process

The services we offer focus on partnering closely with you to develop the best placement plan for your child. The goal of successful placement is to replace patterns of failure with productive skills that encourage adjustment, minimize behavioral relapses, and allow a smooth transition back into the familiar world. Our desire is for your child to acquire the tools to facilitate his or her journey toward a brighter future.


Get Unstuck

Some young people get stuck despite their own and their families’ best efforts. Most of our participants and their parents have already pursued standard mental health treatment and academic support at various points throughout their development. While these services are enough for many, some young people still struggle with specific concerns that prevent full engagement in life. For that person - there is Springboard Momentum. Parents too can feel their efforts have fallen into a rut and maybe sustaining problems rather than bridging a transition to independence.

Get Ready

We begin with a comprehensive evaluation of needs. This provides an opportunity for feedback and awareness raising for all. Many of the young people we work with have built up a fear of failure. They are ambivalent about moving forward and their chances of success. For that reason building personal motivation and goal setting are the foundation of our change process. Families too benefit from a solid plan to launch young people into adulthood. Working collaboratively as a team we map out individual goals and opportunities for parents to support growth and independence.

Take Action

Some young people are ready to move into action quickly, while others find old patterns hard to break. Once the support plan is in place coach peer mentors work directly with clients on behavioral activation, exposure to feared situations and demonstrations on how to master challenges. We acknowledge that change is sometimes one step forward and one step back and we provide consistent reinforcement for effort and encourage learning from mistakes. Families receive ongoing consultation and coaching on how to offer support without stifling young people’s initiative or their opportunities to gain wisdom from failures.

Take Off

After skill building and consistent practice it’s time to launch. Ongoing goal attainment and relapse prevention are the key steps in our final part of the process. We define our success by seeing a young person meet their near terms goals and have a start on the pathway toward their long term goals. Interactions with the Springboard team members become less frequent as young people and families increase their confidence that they can continue to implement strategies on their own.

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